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In this theme world, we have compiled products that we recommend for your AI tasks based on different characteristics.

You will find computer systems that can process large amounts of data particularly quickly or simultaneously, depending on your requirements, but also AI accelerator cards that can be integrated into your embedded system.


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IHK network "Artificial Intelligence" - Spectra is a founding member

Who are the members of the network?

The network is aimed at software developers in companies and scientific institutions who have AI know-how.


What are the aims of the "Artificial Intelligence" network?

The companies in the Neckar-Alb region should benefit more than average from the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence. The focus is on AI tools and their use from the main topics "AI in machine control", "Condition Monitoring", "Sensor data simulation", "Assistance systems for sales support" and "Computer Vision / Machine vision".

Why did Spectra join this network?

We have been dealing with topics such as voice control in the machine environment or predictive maintenance as well as industrial image processing for quite some time. KI know-how is incorporated everywhere.


One of our central concerns is to offer suitable computer systems for the corresponding AI applications.


A platform like the "Artificial Intelligence" network enables us to transfer even more know-how, which ultimately benefits our customers.

Artificial intelligence is a very important or important topic for the future for more than 60% of our customers.
This result is part of our customer satisfaction survey 2019.

Important terms from the AI world briefly explained

Machine Learning

We understand machine learning as the ability of computer systems to recognize and develop solutions on the basis of collected data and using certain algorithms, patterns and laws.


Deep Learning

If a system is able, with the help of existing information and the neuronal network, to link what has been learned with new content again and again, we speak of Deep Learning. This enables machines to make forecasts and decisions.


Neuronal Networks

An abstraction model of the human brain consisting of artificial neurons is called a neural network.

Big Data

For us, the term big data or mass data describes a very large amount of disordered data, for the processing of which the traditional data processing systems are no longer sufficient.


Data Lakes

We understand the term Data Lake to mean a very large data memory. The special feature of this memory is that it contains data in its original raw format. The data is only structured and reformatted when it is needed.


Image analysi & object recognition

Our tasks in image analysis and object recognition include the classification and identification of objects through digital comparison and analysis.

Text & Speech Recognition

Let's talk about speech recognition, let's talk about the processing of natural speech both in the form of recognition and speech output. This enables a completely new form of human-machine interaction.


Smart Computing

According to our definition, Smart Computing is based on a powerful networking of cloud-based and mobile computer systems with artificial and distributed intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The term "artificial intelligence" is used to describe the ability of machines or robots to perform tasks that were previously only controllable with human intelligence. It is not about the complete replacement of the human being as a thinking part, but about the support of human abilities.  These abilities include, for example, the perception and processing of environmental parameters, drawing conclusions from their changes and generalizing them and applying them to future developments.

AI solutions are based on a large amount of relevant data that is processed using complex algorithms. In addition to the appropriate IT infrastructure and software, this requires suitable computer systems that can process large amounts of data quickly or simultaneously, depending on the requirements.

This is exactly where our strengths come into play. We advise you on the selection of the right computer system for your AI task and provide you with a high-quality solution. 

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