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Not to be underestimated are the added values that we can offer you through our services in the area of processing. Whether project management, product lifecycle management or component kit, we already have a suitable solution for many of your wishes. In addition, our large warehouse enables us to stock your components for the punctual completion of projects.

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Article number / serial number / versions

In addition to good products, "clean" processing is at least as important. In order to guarantee this, we work with serial number-managed articles, version management and storage by type.

Your added value

  • Easy replacement due to customer-specific article number
  • Exact traceability through serial number-guided articles
  • Consistent product quality through version management throughout the product lifecycle

Customer-specific article number

No matter which product you order from us, whether an individual complete system or a standard component, we can manage your customer-specific article number. This allows you a simple replacement and administration in your merchandise management system.

Serial number-managed articles

All* of our articles are serialized, i.e. we can track every single article from procurement, logistics and production to delivery.
*) Exceptions: e.g. consumables, sheet metal parts, etc.

Version management

We carry out version management for both standard components and our individual IPC complete systems. Thus it is clear for each article which version was delivered.
For IPC complete systems, we can also revive "old" versions, i.e. rebuild if necessary, if the corresponding components are still available.

Customised logistics concepts

Framework agreements guarantee you long-term, punctual delivery of your products. The storage of the critical components for your project enables the construction of the same industrial PC even after a product discontinuation. In addition, it can make sense to think about packaging or packaging units together in order to optimize your internal processes.

Your added value

  • Just-in-time deliveries
  • Flexibility in procurement
  • No surprises

Framework agreements

Based on the desired number of units within a defined term, we work with you to develop a framework agreement tailored to your needs. The points that are important to you will be recorded in writing. This can be a fixed price for the duration or the stocking of a delivery lot, but also the assurance that it is the same hardware version. All this is possible and will be implemented by us as desired. And of course we inform you regularly about the current status of your framework agreement.


In addition to our standard stock, which we keep in stock for expected orders, we also keep stock, which we agree with our customers. Whether this is just a delivery batch for just-in-time delivery or a residual stock of a discontinued product depends on your requirements.

Product information

Through our website and newsletter, we provide our customers with information about the status of the product lifecycle. This includes product announcements, product changes and product discontinuations. In addition, we inform the affected customers directly on request.


Your added value

  • Everything from a single source
  • Individual advice
  • Fast implementation


In the first step, we listen to you carefully to understand what you are looking for. Then we present you with a concept that we refine together with you so that our developers know what they need to implement.



During the development process we always keep you up to date, i.e. you are always informed about the current status. At the end you will receive, for example, a prototype or a functional sample.


Once you have approved the protype, it is ready for implementation. We take care of procurement, logistics, production, etc.

Product lifecycle management

In the industrial PC and automation industry we live from new technologies and developments. Nevertheless, you want a product to be available in the same way over a longer period of time. This is where our experience in Product Lifecycle Management benefits you.

Your added value

  • Continuous availability
  • Consistent functionality

Long-term availability

To ensure long-term availability, we rely on competent and experienced partners, the right choice of components and a sophisticated stocking concept.


Product notification

We inform you about new product announcements, product changes, e.g. version changes and product discontinuations with appropriate lead times, so that you can initiate the appropriate measures. This could be, for example, the preparation of a product change, a compatibility test of the successor version or a load order.


If your application does not allow the slightest version change or the product is nearing the end of its life, we recommend stocking it up. This ensures that you will not run into any problems due to a product change or discontinuation.